In 40 moves, free 7 birds. More than half of the grid is infested with ghosts, and there will be birds spawning from the sides, which can only join the main grid through a row blocked off by ghosts. Therefore, it should be clear that the ghosts should get a move on so we can complete our objective. Keep matching gifts to make the ghosts disappear. Focusing on clearing one entire side will really help with the objective. Be careful though not to have any ghosts stuck beneath birds in those protruding squares at the bottom of the grid. If that happens, you’ll have put a horizontal striped gift in another square in the same row and then activate it. Or use boosters, as soon as enough ghosts are not obstructing the keys, the Grappling Hook is the fastest and easiest way to complete this objective. But where’s the challenge in that?

Force Field Tower Levels
Level 101Level 102Level 103Level 104Level 105Level 106Level 107Level 108Level 109Level 110

Level 111Level 112Level 113Level 114Level 115Level 116Level 117Level 118Level119Level 120Level 121Level 122Level 123Level 124Level 125Level 126Level 127Level 128Level 129Level 130Level 131Level 132Level 133Level 134Level 135Level 136level 137Level 138Level 139Level 140Level 141Level 142Level 143Level 144Level 145Level 146Level 147Level 148Level 149Level 150Level 151Level 152Level 153Level 154Level 155Level 156Level 157Level 158Level 159Level 160Level 161Level 162Level 163Level 164Level 165Level 166Level 167Level 168Level 169Level 170Level 171Level 172Level 173Level 174Level 175Level 176Level 177Level 178Level 179Level 180Level 181Level 182Level 183Level 184Level 185Level 186Level 187Level 188Level 189Level 190Level 191Level 192Level 193Level 194Level 195Level 196Level 197Level 198Level 199Level 200

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