30 turns to unwrap 30 red and 30 orange gifts. The majority of the grid is blocked off by Iron Blockers, some of which have three additional layers of armor on them, which means we’ll need a whopping 4 matches or blast attempts to get rid of any one of those. In the very middle of the grid, there are 5 Devouring Plants holding hostage 4 mystery gifts and one Evil Totem. As our objective is the unwrapping of gifts, let’s focus on those red and orange first and match as many as we can. The destruction of obstacles should only be an afterthought with mostly matches of convenience.

However, if we get rid of the outer columns that only have 3 obstacles in each, and the Blockers at the very top, we will ensure a better circulation of gifts in the grid. As always, certain boosters might help more than others, and there are a variety of ways to be used. For example, have you thought of using the Grappling Hook to create a combo gift like the color gift? A color gift is the quickest way to complete the unwrapping of gifts objective, as any one color gift will unwrap all gifts of the same color once matched. 

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